Bike Rehab — Our volunteers collect donated bikes, rehab those bikes, and distribute them to children whose families cannot afford a bike and to adults who do not have reliable access to transportation and need a bike to get to work or school

 Advocacy — Our board and volunteers work with state and local governments to encourage them to construct "complete streets" - i.e., roads that are safe for all users including bicycle riders and pedestrians

Bike Walk Indian River County, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) coalition of community volunteers.  Our mission is "To promote safe bicycling and walking as transportation and recreation for a healthier, more vibrant and connected Indian River County."

What We Do

 Community Support — We raise money to install bicycling related equipment in our community such as bicycle repair stations (pumps, tools, workstand, etc.).  We have a particular focus on neighborhoods where some residents do not have access to a car and use their bicycles for transportation.  Click here for a newspaper article about our Pump Us Up! program.  The photo below shows a bike repair station that was installed in January 2019 at the Gifford Youth Achievement Center thanks to the generous support of Orchid Island Bikes and Kayaks, the Live Like Cole Foundation and others.

 Training — Our team of "League Cycling Instructors" or "LCIs" (individual who have been trained and credentialed by the League of American Bicyclists to teach bicycle safety) provide no cost bicycle safety training classes on a regular basis to both adults and children throughout our community