FDOT Barber Bridge (SR60) Safety Study (Prepared July 2015, Disclosed to Public February 16, 2017)


Training Curricula and Administration

Background Paper on Bicycles May Use Full Lane Signage (Prepared By Pete Nebenfuhr) (January 18, 2017)

​Helmet Fitting  (April 2018)

Safety Initiatives Relating to Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Roads (i.e., State Highway System Roads)

Training Videos

Bike/Ped Fatalities Date - ​https://cdan.nhtsa.gov/STSI.htm (copy and paste link)

Crash Data

Research Studies and Other Technical Information Relating to Road Safety

FDOT Wabasso Bridge (CR510) Safety Study (Prepared January 2016, Disclosed to Public February 16, 2017)