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82nd Ave 

North: 69th St to CR-510

South: 69th St to 26th St


North: 230879-2-52-10

​South: 230879-3-52-01

FDOT Contact: Donovan Pessoa, P.E.


Planning for this project began in 2005 or earlier. Although 82nd Ave is a County road, the project is being managed by FDOT.  Construction funding (estimated to cost $23m) will come from a pool of federal money that is distributed though FDOT.  However, the County will still have to authorize the allocation of funds to this project.  Much of the cost of this project is due to the fact that the roadway will require substantial elevation to avoid future flooding.

According to the 2005 typical section, all of 82nd will have an 8 foot shoulder.  However, the 2005 typical section only provides for paving of 5 of the 8 feet of shoulder. The 5 foot paved shoulder will be unmarked.  Initially, no sidewalks will be construction although the 2005 typical section provides for dedication of space for future sidewalks.  

As of 2019, the County and FDOT have divided the project into two separate projects, a north project and a south project.​  Right of way acquisition is planned for 2019 with construction beginning in 2023.

2005 Typical Section

BWIRC is advocating for changing the project plan to provide for a 7 foot buffered bike lane in lieu of the planned 5 foot unmarked shoulder.

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